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Welcome to the Building Preservation Trust

Heritage Lincolnshire is active in preserving and protecting the county's stock of historic buildings for future generations to enjoy.
As a Buildings Preservation Trust we are committed to assisting with any projects which would have a positive effect on historic sites and buildings across the County. We are also keen to help local groups and organisations who may wish to save a derelict building in their area.
Founded in 1991, Heritage Lincolnshire has undertaken 6 projects to date, with the support of key organisations such as the Association of Preservation Trusts, the Architectural Heritage Fund, English Heritage, the Heritage Lottery Fund, local authorities within Lincolnshire and other funding bodies.
We are a member organisation of the Association of Preservation Trusts (APT), who provide an invaluable network offering support and advice.
Heritage Lincolnshire aim to be proactive in finding new uses for historic buildings which have fallen out of use and have started to suffer from neglect. We promote positive action on heritage at risk as we believe that the conservation and regeneration of the historic environment can bring positive benefits for present and future generations.

Heritage Lincolnshire has recently completed the restoration of 116 High Street, Boston
If you would like to find out more about our work as a Buildings Preservation Trust or have an enquiry please contact us by email or by phone 01529 461499.
About Building Preservation Trusts
The Trust is constituted as a Buildings Preservation Trust, of which there are many around England, Wales and Scotland. Some Building Preservation Trusts (BPT's) act locally (i.e. a specific town or village) or have a specific interest group (i.e. industrial buildings or follies).
The main aim of a BPT is to rescue and restore architecturally important buildings from dereliction or possible demolition. There are many reasons why listed buildings fall into such a state of disrepair, but once they are at risk the main hurdle to overcome is that the repair costs are usually too high to attract buyers from the private sector. This leads to an ever decreasing spiral each year the building is left, the more the cost of repairs escalate.
There are two main types of BPT the Revolving Fund and the Single Project. The Revolving Fund BPT builds up a reserve of capital which can be used in a building project. When the building is repaired and sold on, any small surplus made can be put back into the revolving fund for use on the next project. The Single Project BPT is set up for a single building and the Trust not only repairs it, but also owns and maintains it in perpetuity. Due to their charitable status, no BPT is allowed to make commercial profits, but can only cover administration and management costs.
All BPT's are registered with the Association of Preservation Trusts (APT) which is based in London. The Association of Preservation Trusts has a special relationship with another organisation, the Architectural Heritage Fund (AHF), who are able to grant aid feasibility study costs and provide low interest loans to BPT's in order to assist them with their building projects.
BPT's can not only use these funds, but are also having success with grant sources such as the Heritage Lottery Fund, Rural Development Commission and various European sources.

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