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Community Heritage

Current Projects
Bolingbroke Castle Moat Restoration Project
 Heritage Lincolnshire has received grant funding to restore parts of the moat at Bolingbroke Castle, Old Bolingbroke. The castle is a Scheduled Monument and is of national importance because it is a prime example of innovative 13th century castle design and because it was the birthplace in 1366 of the future King Henry IV of England. It is also a Site of Nature Conservation Importance.
Down Your Wold
 Down Your Wold is a two year project supporting Wolds communities discover and share their local heritage.
Lincolnshire Heritage at Risk in North and North East Lincolnshire
 The Heritage Trust of Lincolnshire has just extended the successful ‘Lincolnshire Heritage at Risk’ project into North and North East Lincolnshire. The charity is looking for volunteers to help to survey historic buildings, sites and monuments across the area to assess their condition and to highlight those at risk.
Lincolnshire Limewoods
 There is a growing recognition of the great importance of Limewoods. Local organisations, including the Heritage Trust of Lincolnshire have formed a partnership with long term commitment to invest in and improve the woods.
Local Heritage on-line
 A Renaissance East Midlands funded project to produce a series of new electronic interpretation and education resources linked to Lincolnshire's rich historic environment and museum collections.
Recent Projects
Bare Bones Wormgate
 Wormgate in Boston is one of the oldest streets in the town. Its curved shape reflects its close association with the river, which was straightened in the early 19th century. Local residents and businesses are being encouraged to participate in uncovering the history of their area.
Holbeach Royal Observer Corps Oral History Project
 Heritage Lincolnshire has owned and managed the Royal Observer Corps (ROC) underground monitoring post at Holbeach since 2000. It is one of several hundred posts built across the country in the late 1950s and early 1960s, and one of the few surviving of the original 46 in Lincolnshire.
Tupholme Abbey Sculpture Project
 Children from Bardney Primary School worked with the Trust and a local artist to create and install a willow sculpture at Tupholme Abbey.
Tupholme Building Recording
 The Tupholme Building Recording Project was undertaken by the Friends of Lincolnshire Archaeology in association with the Heritage Trust of Lincolnshire and English Heritage. Funded by a Local Heritage Initiative grant, the project to record and analyse the loose stones remaining on the Tupholme Abbey site began in 2004.
 The Heritage Trust of Lincolnshire, the Environmental Archaeology Consultancy and Washingborough Archaeology Group have been out undertaking an extensive archaeological survey of the Witham Valley in Washingborough. The aim of the survey is to chart the changing course of the ancient river, reconstruct past environments and gain an understanding of how people used the river valley and its resources over the last 10,000 years.
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