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Bolingbroke Castle
  You may also be interested in looking at our Siege of Bolingbroke Castle education pack which looks at the strategic importance of the castle during the English Civil War and shows how the Parliamentarian victories at Bolingbroke and at the nearby Battle of Winceby were decisive in securing eventual defeat of the Royalists in Lincolnshire.
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Bolingbroke Castle Moat Project

Bolingbroke Castle moat restoration education and information pack

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Bolingbroke Castle moat restoration education and information pack
In 2009 Heritage Lincolnshire and the Friends of Bolingbroke Castle began an exciting project to restore parts of the moat at Bolingbroke castle funded by a WREN (Waste Recycling Environmental Ltd) grant and English Heritage.
A Heritage Lottery Fund Your Heritage award also allowed us to run a series of events, surveys and workshops in connection with the restoration work aimed at finding out more about the archaeology and wildlife on the castle site and helping local people to get involved in the project.
We have produced an education and information pack which explains how the restoration work was carried out and what we were able to discover from the surveys. It also suggests ways in which work and activities based on Bolingbroke Castle and the moat restoration project can be used in schools as part of the national curriculum.
Heritage Trust of Lincolnshire Heritage Lottery Fund Friends of Bolingbroke Castle
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