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Meet the staff of Heritage Lincolnshire

Liz Bates  –  Chief Executive Officer of Heritage Lincolnshire 
Dick Johnson  –  Finance and Business Manager 
Penny Ward  –  Team Leader (Architecture & Culture) 
Building Preservation Trust
Kelly Appleton  –  Buildings Conservation Officer 
The Heritage Team
Jenny Young  –  Senior Historic Environment Officer 
Natalie Hamilton  –  Project Officer 
Sam Phillips  –  Down Your Wold Project Officer 
Nicki Jarvis  –  Wolds Walking Festival Officer 
Beverley Gormley  –  Cultural Events Officer 
Ian Marshman  –  Education and Outreach Officer 
HTL Administration
Helen Tidwell  –  Finance Officer 
Sarah Bentley  –  Senior Administrator 
Kate Pitman  –  Administration Assistant 

Archaeological Project Services
Archaeological Project Services (APS) is the contracting division of HTL.
For APS staff profiles please visit the Archaeological Project Services website.
Denise Drury   Team Leader (Archaeology) 


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