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The Work of the Trust

Satellite photograph of the Fen basin
Satellite photograph of the Fen basin
Satellite photograph
of the Fen basin
Satellite photograph of the Fen basin

What we do



Lincolnshire has an exceptional archaeological heritage . . . as prime farming land, this county has attracted settlers throughout the ages, all of whom have left their mark on the landscape.

Beneath the fields and towns of Lincolnshire lie clues to lost villages, farmsteads, cemeteries and industries, dating from prehistoric to modern times. These buried remains, often very fragile and vulnerable, contain irreplaceable information about Lincolnshire's past.


Archaeological Fieldwork and Research

The Trust provides a base for high quality archaeological research and fieldwork in Lincolnshire. We also operate a commercial archaeological section (Archaeological Project Services) capable of carrying out archaeological surveys, evaluations and excavations in advance of building, quarrying or civil engineering work.

The results of research and excavation are published in a range of formats for academic or public consumption. Lincolnshire's heritage is a great asset that can be used now and in the future. It can benefit education and tourism; it can help create jobs; it can be used to make Lincolnshire an even better place in which to live and work.


Publications - Heritage Series

The Trust aims to make the heritage of the county more accessible to local people and visitors. We believe that by providing information, we can raise awareness of Lincolnshire's rich heritage and generate pride in our county.

The Trust publish a range of popular books and booklets promoting a wide spectrum of Lincolnshire's heritage.


Community Heritage

The Community Heritage Team aims to achieve the broad aims of the Trust in a variety of ways. This includes scrutinising planning applications, the management of historic sites in the care of the Trust, organising or assisting in heritage projects and arranging an annual programme of events. The team provide a valuable service to district councils, heritage organisations and professionals, local archaeological and historical societies, local communities, and individuals who have an interest in Lincolnshire's heritage.

For further information on the members of the team and the work they do visit the Community Heritage pages.


Historic Buildings

Part of our work is to assist in the repair and preservation of Lincolnshire's surviving historic buildings and monuments. Heritage Lincolnshire incorporates a 'Building Preservation Trust', able to undertake difficult building projects; raising funds to repair listed buildings and finding appropriate new uses for them.

As a Building Preservation Trust, we can undertake restoration projects that would not otherwise be commercially viable. This work is often done in association with District Councils, but we can also offer advice and practical help on historic buildings legislation to groups or individuals who are themselves attempting a building preservation project.

Heritage Lincolnshire is particularly interested in working to safeguard Lincolnshire's traditional buildings which contribute to the character of our county.

For further information visit the Historic Buildings page.


Rural Crafts and Traditions

During the last fifty years the rural landscape of Lincolnshire has altered almost beyond recognition. The needs of modern agriculture have swept away many of the old ways. Some of the crafts that once passed from father to son and mother to daughter have been forgotten, but many rural skills and traditions exist in living memory . . . there is still time to pass on knowledge and techniques to a new and enthusiastic generation.

Heritage Lincolnshire aims to promote and support the revival of rural crafts and traditions.


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