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In Planning Archaeology
» Introduction
» Archaeology and Development
» A Case Study
» Historic Buildings
» Key Questions / FAQ
» The Treasure Act

Planning Archaeology

The Heritage Trust of Lincolnshire provides archaeological advice in relation to the planning process to three local authorities in Lincolnshire: Boston Borough Council, North Kesteven District Council and South Kesteven District Council.
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   Archaeology and Development
Since the introduction of Planning Policy Guidance Note 16 in 1990 much of the archaeological work in Britain today is carried out as part of the planning process.
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   Archaeology and Development in practice: A Case Study
Skirbeck Road, Boston: This site lies adjacent to the 15th century Hussey Tower and in an area of high archaeological potential.
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   Historic Buildings
Government guidance on Historic Buildings and Conservation Areas (PPG15) was introduced in 1994. It lays out government policies for the identification and protection of historic buildings, conservation areas, and other elements of the historic environment. It explains the role of the planning system in their protection.
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   Key questions / FAQ
Your questions answered:
I am planning a development, where do I go for archaeological advice?
How do I find an archaeological contractor?
How much will it cost?
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   The Treasure Act
Introduction, Definition, Finding and Reporting, Treasure, Museums, Rewards
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